Monitor your Linksys NSLU2 with GKrellM

This has been tested on a Linksys NSLU2.

Download gkrellmd compiled for the IXP425 strongarm processor.

Required Library: glib-2.2.0
Download glib compiled for strongarm

Transfer to NSLU2: gkrellm-2.2.4.tar and glib-2.2.0.tar
Move the tars: mv *.tar /share/hdd/conf.
Expand: tar xf gkrellm-2.2.4.tar; tar xf glib-2.2.0.tar
Add the following to /share/hdd/conf/rc.d/rc.custom:
  rm -f /opt
  ln -s /share/hdd/conf/opt /opt

This enhancement to the NSLU2 unit assumes you have already modified the flash image and embedded the rc.hook into the firmware (operating system). To complete this enhancement, you must modify the firmware. This article explains how to modify the operating system on the NSLU2.

Thanks to Bill a-t for making such a cool program.

Christopher Blunck